June 29, 2023


To my patients,

Thank you for your trust in me and our South Austin Medical Clinic team that allowed me to support central Texas with excellent healthcare services. Without your dedication, we could not have fulfilled my dream of being a stable community resource. 

I will retire from SAMC on August 31, 2023 to pursue more time with family and my other community involvement. I am truly humbled and honored by the trust you placed in me over the last 34 years. Reflection brings me tears of joy and fills my heart via the many relationships with you and three generations of your families. 

The SAMC team will continue to provide care and services as well as maintain your medical records as usual.  Should you choose to see another physician within the clinic or choose to have your records transferred to another clinic, please contact the office at 512-892-6600, option 1.  Otherwise, you do not need to make any action other than continue to take good care of yourselves and others as if your body is the only one you will have for the rest of your life!

I wish you all the best. 



Eric Weidmann, MD