electronic recordsMedical records:

Our records on patients are fully electronic. If you wish to have a copy of medical records, you will be responsible for reproduction fees. A release form must be signed to obtain any records.

X-rays can also be copied. Patients are responsible for the reproduction fee and for pickup and delivery to specialists.

If you are a new patient, please bring your medical record with you to your first visit.

All medical records are private and SAMC follows all HIPPA guidelines to assure this privacy.


SAMC has a full time referral coordinator to help expedite and assure that our consultants and specialists see you promptly. The coordinator can be contacted through our main number. Please allow 3-business days to obtain a referral authorization prior to appointment. Please provide the appropriate insurance information, Physician appointment information and diagnosis information.

Medication Refills:

SAMC requires at least 3-business days notice for general medications to be refilled. If you have not been seen within a certain specified scheduled follow up, medications may only be prescribed for 30 days to allow you time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Many of the medications given to you must be closely monitored for effectiveness and side effects. PLEASE, try not to run out of medication prior to requesting a refill.

If you use a mail order service for prescriptions, inform your doctor at the time of your visit. Office visit are required for handling mail order prescriptions.

Controlled Substances:

ADD/ADHD are prescribed on a monthly basis. Call at least 3 business days prior to the last day of your prescription. Their physician MUST see ALL patients on these medications at least every 4 months. Refills will not be given if the patient is not seen as scheduled.


The above information applies to these drugs. Furthermore, NO PRESCRIPTIONS FOR PAIN MEDICINES OR SEDATIVES WILL BE CALLED IN AFTER HOURS. It is the policy of SAMC to not provide chronic care in the field of pain management and it will be expected that if there is a need for chronic pain medications that you will be referred to a specialist in the field.

FMLA paperwork:

Completing FMLA paperwork is very time consuming. A fee will be charged to have FMLA papers processed and mailed. You will be personally responsible for this fee at the time the papers are left with us.

Discharge from the Practice:

 Patients can be discharged from our practice for the following reasons,
  1. Excessive “no showing” on appointments.
  2. Non payment of services.
  3. Abusive actions or language towards the physician or staff member.
  4. Abuse of prescriptions/medications.
  5. Physician-Patient’s relationship has been disrupted due to no fault/no cause and a change in medical care is in the best interest of the patient.