Lab work:

SAMC draws labs for our patients only. We cannot draw labs ordered by another doctor. If it is requested you fast prior to having blood drawn, please do not eat or drink anything other than water for 12 hours prior to being seen.

  • I understand the clinic normally uses CPL.  If I or my insurance company prefers another lab, it is my responsibility to inform a medical staff member before the specimen is being taken so I am not billed for having lab work processed by CPL, instead of another preferred lab.
  • We draw blood in our office as staffing permits. There is  charge for phlebotomy and specimen processing. This is a  nurse visit and copays are payable at time of service. You can of course request an appointment to see your physician and have your labs drawn. If you do not wish to pay the nurse visit copay, you may request an order and proceed to your participating laboratory for the lab drawn.
  • If you missed your labs during a recent Annual Physical Examination by your physician, you have 10 business days to have the labs drawn here with no copay/office visit charge.

Urgent Care:

Please try to call as early in the day as possible. SAMC is unique in that 365-days a year one of our doctors is “on-call” to provide urgent care to ALL of our patients. This doctor does not accept any appointments until the on call day begins at 7 am. This assures that almost always you will be seen by a doctor in our group on the day of your illness or injury. If your doctor is not available you will be worked in with the on call doctor. This assures continuity of your medical care and saves you the time and money involved in seeking care in an Emergency Room.

Travel Medicine

Whether for business or pleasure, travel to a foreign country can present a unique set of challenges. If you have an international trip planned, consider scheduling an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss which travel medications or vaccinations might be right for you. Keep in mind that some vaccination series can take up to 4 months to complete. For more information on which vaccinations or medications are recommended visit

Other Test & Procedures:

IUD (Dr. Weidmann)
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)
Sleep Medicine Consultations (Dr. Alward only)
On-site Digital X-rays